Nina Kong Surtees–Independent Art Advisor, Catalogue Raisonne Specialist helping to build legacies of artists and their work through Blockchain technology. 

Nina Kong Surtees is an independent art advisor for artists estates for over 10 years. She helps to build legacies of artists through innovative technology. Nina has a diverse industry and technical experience in collecting and dissemination of data for art collections at nonprofit art centers, art galleries and architecture firm in NYC. Prior to being an independent art advisor, she was a researcher and educator at the Whitney Museum of American Art and Metropolitan Museum of Art.


For collectors

To educate and advise clients to expand their art knowledge and build their collection.

  • Acquire of art works to complement the space

  • Build secure Collection Management System on Blockchain

  • Customize investment insights and planning

  • Personalize research and education

For Artists

To preserve and promote the work and legacies of the established and emerging artists.

  • Create Artist Statements and essays

  • Prepare for Catalogue Raisonné publications on Blockchain

  • Plan Artists’ Estates and Legacies

  • Coordinate and support Exhibitions

  • Provide marketing strategies and business planning

  • Foster artists’ creativity to ensure they are compensated fairly on the Blockchain

For Businesses

To enhance the space and brand of offices, hotels and restaurants.

  • Acquire art works to complement and enhance unique interiors and architectural details

  • Build secure Collection Management System on blockchain

  • Customize branding strategies

  • Partner and collaborate with venues to organize artists talks, panels and salons to showcase their work and blockchain technology